Unhealthy and unhappy

There are certain things in life that I take for granted.  I am going to be 50 years young this year.  I am never going to be a stick figure skinny person.  I am smarter than many people and as many humans, I am smarter in some areas and many people are a lot smarter than me in others.  I am humble enough to know that I don’t know much.  I believe than in order to stay authentic, this blog should deal with the good, the bad and the ugly.  Today, we deal with the ugly truth that I am unhealthy and unhappy.

If you have ever read this blog or followed the Gofundme campaign, you know that I am working on a book about changes in our adult life.  You would also know that my father passed away in January and I no longer work outside the home.  These would be enough reasons for the average person to feel unhappy and yet that has nothing to do with my reasons are all.  Yesterday I stood on the scale and I weight 235 pounds.  This is only compounded by the fact that last summer I was 215.  What happened?  The last month of my dad’s life, I survived on Pralines and Cream ice cream with chocolate syrup and adrenaline.  Felt good at the time and now I am paying the consequences.

Enough is enough.  I am unhealthy and unhappy.  It is my fault and my responsibility.  It is time to take the steps necessary to change this situation once and for all.

Me in full exercise clothes, getting ready to run
First Day of Training 2014

So the first thing is to take stock of what am I doing to continue on the way up. I have not seen the inside of a gym since I left for Puerto Rico on May 30th, 2015.  My first appointment is tomorrow night with my daughter, just to get on the machines and see how long I can do each.  The second thing is the soda and the ice cream.  I already stopped buying the ice cream.  I’m going to have to quit the soda cold turkey too.  My rate of success on cold turkey quitting is very close to ZERO.  Sometimes, we have to try what usually does not work just to see if this time it sticks.

I promised myself that when I turn 50 I was going to be the healthiest person I had ever been.  I have this thing about birthdays that end in 0.  Most people hate them, they say those are the years when they break down, land in the hospital, etc.  My theory is that those are the best years and I have no intention of landing in a hospital.  So my commitment to myself is for health and happiness.  Every Wednesday is Health day for me.  If you have a few pounds or a few stories to share about this challenge in life, please tell us on the comments section below.

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