Too Many Ideas

Many people spend their days feeling like they are not creative. Others are paralyzed with too many ideas. Those are the choices. They stop you from moving forward. What do you do? It is time for making some decisions.

This particular situation is happening to me right now. I was given a really clear directive:  “you will concentrate on

  1. the move
  2. your mom
  3. your blog”

I am supposed to concentrate on those three things and nothing more for the next few months. Meanwhile, the creditors are calling, the stuff we are selling online needs promoting and in a nutshell, we need to get more money in. Add to that the saga that has been this last month with hurricanes attacking Florida and Puerto Rico (where we live and our families live, not counting that some just moved to Texas and fortunately did not suffer with their own hurricane). Add the normal duties of a stay at home parent, a puppy parent and just health and personal issues and it begs the question, how can I concentrate?

It is not easy. I told you from the beginning, I was going to be bluntly honest. We’ve talked about fear, we have talked about big dreams. We have not talked about ideas.

There are some ways that the average person deals with ideas. Some write them all down and then pick the one you are going to work on. Others just do whatever comes to mind first. Others are organized so amazingly that they seem to get everything done. But do they really?

What is my system going to be? I am going to take bits and pieces of things I have done before and add to them some new stuff.

Step 1: Sit with an empty paper and write on it every single idea that comes to mind.

Step 2: Pick one idea that is not only important but something that I would love to do.

Step 3: Organize and deploy that first idea.

Step 4: Go back to step 1 or , if you have some really cool ideas on that piece of paper, move to the next item that calls you on the list.

Some decisions are really important. Do I keep doing that side business I’ve all but abandoned. Do I spend what little money I have on the other website. Do I start writing that book I wanted to publish.

This is the face I make when I have to pick one.
Who me? Concentrate?

It is time that I start organizing my efforts and show the world what I can do. Are you ready? Any ideas?  Share them down below.

Please leave your thoughts