The Only Constant is Change

I work in a company where the motto is ~ the only constant is change~ and ironically, in my life and on this blog, that is the only constant.  I started writing love letters to myself a few weeks back in the hope of reminding myself that I do care.  It must have worked faster than I thought, because last night, I took a major leap in the direction of caring for myself.

What was this giant leap, you might ask?  I started juicing, at 8:30PM, I tried a recipe that you can find on the website for the movie Fat, Sick and nearly Dead called Orange Sunrise and I have to say, it was really delicious.  It also got my head running into a very interesting direction.

Here is the thing.  I have been blogging for years, hoping to inspire, amuse or make you think.  I don’t think anybody is listening.  So I have decided that I am going to make this all about me.  I am going to write and make videos about the lessons I am learning on the road to health, wealth and happiness.  And if in the process I manage to inspire, amuse or piss you off, so be it.

The way I see it, this is a win win proposition.  If I motivate one person to try something new or take better care of themselves or even read a book every once in a while, I will feel like my life had meaning.  If not, at least my future generations can look in here and see what grandma was up to.

So here is to our health, wealth and happiness.  And if this blog inspires you, please leave me a note so that I know you are reading.  If you really feel like it subscribe and if you know someone that could be helped by any of the lessons I am learning, please share this link.  We thank you in advance.

Orange Sunrise Recipe
To our health!

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