Day 85 – Bullet Journal

Today is Tuesday, the day when I share a resources I discover on the internet.  The resource for today is called bullet journaling and I think it is a good resource for those of us who think visually.

I discovered this method while watching some ladies on speaking about this particular topic.  I had never heard about it before so I went to the page and discovered someone going old school.  What do I mean by that?

Many of us have assimilated all kinds of goodies from the technological era.  From cell phones to I-pods to the Kindle, tablets and other technology, we think that if we have all these gadgets, life becomes easier.  I for one, like to read my books in the original format.  I can make all kinds of notes, underline what I want and review it at will.  I understand that some e-readers and tablets allow you to make notes and have some amazing features.  The thing is, I like the simplicity and the smell of a book.  That does not mean that I don’t read anything on my tablet.  It means that if I find a book I want to keep, chances are, I am going to get the book also.

I love journaling.  That is something I cannot do online.  Even keeping my agenda on my computer never worked for me.  I always have a couple of agendas, and now, more and more, I used them for several purposes.  I also like a place where I can grab my pen and just write what I need.  More importantly, depending on where you work, you might not be allowed to pull out your electronic device while working.  Rarely, do you have a restriction on pulling out your agenda to write out your appointments or important tidbits.

This is why I found this concept of bullet journaling so interesting.  I don’t know if I will use it or not.  Right now, I am discovering the page and letting you know what is out there so that you can make your own decision.  For what I can understand, you make your own calendar, bullet points for the things that you need and then have different symbols for the kinds of things they are, like events, notes, and to do’s.  The page includes a video that explains how it works and all kinds of information for you to create your own.

So, if there is any tool you use to organize your thoughts, share it with us on the comments section below.  If you like this message, share it with your friends.  Thank you.


Moving On From Drama

Have you ever noticed that celebrity stars are addicted to it?  And now, some of us cannot live without it?  Well, I can tell you that I am moving on from drama, and for your health and sanity, you should too.

We are obsessed with fame.  We are all guilty of it.  When we were younger, some of us dreamed about being movie stars and others wanted to be beauty queens.  Now, it is easier than ever to become famous.  Thanks to reality tv, more people can work their way to a tv station near you.

You also have web channels.  If you do something silly or funny enough, they will find you in youtube.  The thing is, are you contributing something or are you just there to add more drama?

To me, if you are sharing your knowledge or your talent, go for it.  If all you want is to showcase yourself fo the sake of you, then get ready.  You will get more drama than you’ll know what to do with it.  You also need to get ready for what happens next.  If you open yourself up, you cannot complain when others start making money out of your little indiscretions.

I would love to be famous for writing something spectacular or for helping others through something.  You will never see me in reality tv, because that is not my thing.  I would like to eliminate drama out of my life, not add to it.

Where would you like to be?  Would you like to be the next housewife?  Or would you rather be a contestant on Top Chef or Project Runway?  Share your thoughts.