Day 36: The Walk



One of the most important aspects of my journey as a caretaker is the need to stay in shape.  I am not.  At 250 pounds, I am twice the size I should be.  It is more about not exercising than eating but the end result is the same.  I’m fat.  There is no shame in that.  Life happens and some of us deal with it by eating ice cream and not exercising it off.  So I decided to do the walk and benefit others while I get in shape.

It was my first official Five K and it benefits the St Jude Children’s Hospital.  I finished it in about an hour and twenty minutes.  I was exhausted, I was hungry and I cannot wait to do it again.

The thing is, I don’t know how many people were there that day.  I do know that we were cheering each other on and raising $100k for charity and that feels fantastic.

I sent a couple of FB Live videos during the event saying what I am about to say to you now.  On October 15th, we have the Alzheimer’s Awareness walk.  I am already registered for that one too.  The deal is this:  find an event near you that speaks to you and go ahead and do it.  It is a great way to do well while doing good.  You will feel amazing.

The walk was on Saturday and I am not going to lie.  I could not walk on Sunday and today I am back to my walking routine.  It is doable, one step at a time.

What causes are of interest to you?  Leave us your comment below.


Day 24: Walking

A funny thing happened on Friday morning.  Hurricane Hermine hit the northern end of the state of Florida.  The day is cloudy and there is a nice breeze.  That was all that happened on my neck of the woods.

I found out I have four loads of laundry to do.  I also have dishes, a dirty bathroom, a dirty dog, a list of blog posts and Vlog posts, material for my VIP club and all kinds of promotions to do.  Oh, I also have six or seven classes I need to finish tonight.  Thank God those courses are all online.

Why am I telling you that?  I need you to know that I get what you are going through.  Some days, we get so caught up in taking care of our loved ones that we forget that we have other things we need to do.  I believe on Thursday I said something about empty notebooks and deferred dreams, something like that.  🙂

I also want to add that I currently weight 250 pounds.  It might not sound like a lot until I tell you that I am 5’3″.  Yeah, not a pretty picture.  I was almost out of the 200s when my dad passed away and between not really having time to grieve, my mother’s diagnosis, losing my job and trying to find myself…well, let’s just say I have been eating a lot of Haagen Dazs ice cream (it’s so good, especially the Chocolate Chocolate Chip, hmm!).

I decided to tackle one thing at a time.  I put on my Fitbit, took the first load from last night out of the dryer, folded it and put the load on the washer to dry.  Then I grabbed the next load that was sitting on the bathroom floor and brought it to the washer.  That entire task took more or less, 15 minutes.  By the end, my back was killing me.

Today, I decided to try something different.  Why?  Because to me, doing the same thing over and over again hoping to achieve a different result is truly the definition of insanity.  No, I don’t know who said it first and it does not matter.  I decided, every time I do a load of laundry, I am going for a small walk around my street.  I happen to live on a circle so that works great.

I am currently wearing the T-shirt I slept in and some pajama long pants.  I have no bra on, my hair is on a pony tail and I am wearing what we lovingly call Air-Jesus.  I did think for a second that a neighbor might think that I am insane.  I don’t care.  Funny thing about getting old is that you notice how much time I wasted worrying about what other people thought about me.  Then I discovered that your opinion about me is based on your own experience.  It has nothing to do with me.  Therefore, I don’t care if the neighbors think I am weird.  I also don’t care if somebody who exercises a lot decides to shame me for my feeble attempt to get in shape.  The last time I looked, there were no exercise gurus beating a way to my door to help me get rid of these 100 pounds.  So I will do it at my pace and however I see fit.

The big question is:  did you feel better when you went for that walk?  NO!!!  I did not.  However, the walk did inspire two blog posts, including this one and gave me some fresh air and a change of scenery, things that are extremely important to someone like me, who spends hours taking care of other people.

If you are overweight, doing five-minute walks might not help (it was actually more like ten because I am really out of shape).  You might be the kind of person that can tackle an hour exercise routine after a year of not working out.  I am not you.  That is the lesson for today.

Stop worrying about what everyone else says and do what you know in your heart is right for you.  We spend all our lives trying to be like everyone else.  We are shamed into not breaking out of the box.  Most of the people who will troll you or bully you are afraid of you because you dared to do something else.  Stop listening to them.  Do what you know is right for you and I can guarantee you, it will make you happier and you will win in the end.

Now I have to go.  Load two is ready to go in the dryer and I want to go for another walk.  Do you have more suggestions on how to be yourself?  Leave them in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this post with caretakers everywhere.


Day 19: Go For a Walk

After spending the beginning of the week tired and frustrated, today, I went for a walk.  It was a simple decision really.  When I took a shower this morning, I just wore exercise pants and an exercise shirt.  I had no choice.

I had made the decision that after going out with my daughter, I was going to the gym.  I had spent the entire morning trying to find something in the house and I was frustrated.  I stopped looking, got on my car and went Pokémon hunting.  As we were driving back, it occurred to me to go to this nice park about 15 minutes away where there are always plenty of Pokémon to get.  As I was driving down the boulevard to get to the highway, my daughter got a Pikachu on her feed.  Well, I did not have him, and that is to me, the whole point of this, so…I stopped the car in the next road, caught the thing and went to the park for a walk.

I’m sure some of you did not understand what happened in the last paragraph and that is fine.  I spent 20 years acting like an adult.  Now, I make time to act like a child once a week.  Why?  Because my sanity depends on it.  I also need to make time to exercise.  My health is that important.  I was not really feeling the idea of going to the gym today, but going for a walk while chasing Pokémon at a safe park felt great.

I believe I’ve mentioned on previous posts that I am obese at the moment and my health is beginning to suffer.  Last night, I decided to do something about it.  There will be one change this time around.  For a little while, I am not checking the scale.  One of the things that I have noticed is that as soon as I figure out I’ve shed some weight, I sabotage myself.  For the next three months, I am hiding the scale.  Tonight I will check my weight as a reference and then I will put them away (yes, I have two scales).

Go for a walk.  If you spend your days in an office or taking care of a loved one, take a walk.  Watch a movie.  Go to the theater.  Take a class.  Do something that has nothing to do with your life.  Your sanity will thank you.

So what are you going to do to make your life better?  Leave your answer below.