Midlife Crisis and Career

Today, we begin a new series. We want to talk about midlife crisis and career. Do these two have any relationship at all? Well,  do believe there is a relationship that would be interesting to explore.

I remember the old days when I was in my teens and people would talk about the latest victim of this disease. “He is going through a midlife crisis” people would say in hush tones. I would look at the victim, excited about his new car, usually a red corvette. A few weeks later the family would look like they had been hit in the stomach as the husband left in his sports car only to be seen every other weekend, a young blond by his side. This is a stereotype that was all too common.

Now, we have moved to a new stereotype. People are having mental breakdowns as they realize half their life is over (the good half) and everything is downhill from here. More importantly, they are asking themselves “Is this all there is?” The answer is yes and no. It actually depends on you.

Many people are changing careers or starting a new thing now that they are done growing up and/or raising a family. It is time to let their true self come alive and do what they love.

I actually have a video where I talk a little bit about this and I will leave it down below. In the meantime, what do you think? Are you thinking there should be more to life than this? Leave your comments below the video.


Dementia Wednesday – Sun downing

As I get more familiar with the life of a blogger, I quickly realized that I need more structure.  From now on, I decided to share a technical term every Wednesday.  I am giving the normal human version of the technical term.

On the video below, I tell you my experience with sun downing and how sometimes we don’t recognize what this disease does.  Leave your comments below, especially if you lived through this experience and any advice you have for us.


OpEd Monday – Feminism

Since March 29th, I’ve been dealing with my loved one.  First she landed in the hospital and she is now in a physical therapy rehabilitation center.  Me?  I just got me a fever and I am not feeling particularly creative.  Then again, I had all but abandoned my blog and that can’t happen.


So here I include the video for today and hope that you leave me your comments below.