Midlife Crisis and Career

Today, we begin a new series. We want to talk about midlife crisis and career. Do these two have any relationship at all? Well,  do believe there is a relationship that would be interesting to explore.

I remember the old days when I was in my teens and people would talk about the latest victim of this disease. “He is going through a midlife crisis” people would say in hush tones. I would look at the victim, excited about his new car, usually a red corvette. A few weeks later the family would look like they had been hit in the stomach as the husband left in his sports car only to be seen every other weekend, a young blond by his side. This is a stereotype that was all too common.

Now, we have moved to a new stereotype. People are having mental breakdowns as they realize half their life is over (the good half) and everything is downhill from here. More importantly, they are asking themselves “Is this all there is?” The answer is yes and no. It actually depends on you.

Many people are changing careers or starting a new thing now that they are done growing up and/or raising a family. It is time to let their true self come alive and do what they love.

I actually have a video where I talk a little bit about this and I will leave it down below. In the meantime, what do you think? Are you thinking there should be more to life than this? Leave your comments below the video.


Day 253: Missunderstood Midlife

When I was young, women would chat about men getting this terrible disease called midlife crisis.  Balding men would be wearing bad toupees, buying sports cars and looking for younger women.  As the years went by, women started getting the same illness, stricken with an urge to wear mini skirts after 40 and start running.  This is what I call misunderstood midlife.

I did not understand these conditions.  To me, there are three ways to go through this world.  You either do what you want from the get-go and pay very little attention to society.  You are then called an eccentric.  You can live your life following all the rules, no matter how stupid, like never wearing white after Labor Day, and we call you cool-aid drinker.  Then you have the third group, which, I am very proud to say, I belong to.  This is the group that sits down one day and realizes that we are too young to feel this old and there is no reason why we have to follow any rules.  The people in the third group are the ones who have midlife crisis.

I don’t know about you, but there is no crisis on my midlife.  In case you have never read this blog before, let me give you the reality check.  In January, I was officially treated for gallstones, IBS and Barrett’s Esophagus.  My gallbladder was removed and medication was given for the other two things.  The medication had a funny effect on me and I ended up forgetting my date of birth and pretty much everything else.  At that point, I was taken home for nine weeks of remedies, rest and most importantly, working on remembering what I had forgotten.  It worked, but it cost me money since this was not a paid leave. The thing is, as I spent all that time sitting at home trying to recover, I saw pictures of myself when I was younger and one thought came to mind.  When I was 27, I looked at pictures of me at 17 and laughed thinking I thought I was fat then (I weight 120), at 37 I looked at pics of me at 27 and wondered why I thought I was fat then (160 pounds), now I was 47 looking at pictures of me at 37 thinking “what a waste”.  I was 187.  This year, I was at my heaviest at 227 and decided that by the time I am 57, I am not going to look back and wonder why I thought I was heavy as I sit in a wheelchair at 250 pounds or worse.  So, yes, I am taking charge of my life.  I am too young to feel this old and I have every intention of eventually running my way through several events.

This does not mean that I am having a crisis.  It means that I am finally waking up to the reality that life is what you make of it.  If you like drinking the cool-aid, then you are perfectly happy believing everything you read on the internet and everything you see on TV.  Your opinions are formed by what the media tells you and you are not interested in reading books, doing experiments or just experiencing life.  You live in a box, you get info out of a box and you are perfectly happy that way.  Good for you. I am not like that at all.  I believe that I am supposed to do more with my life.  So excuse me while I unplug and start looking for the resources and the help to get my life in gear and have a wonderful new decade.

So, which one are you?  Are you an eccentric, a cool-aid drinker or a midlife crisis waiting to happen?  Proudly tell me more about it in the comments section below.