Self Care Tuesday: Comfort or Health?

There are many ways this conversation can go so I will be blunt.  We are talking food.  Do you have a favorite comfort food?  Is it unhealthy?  Can you make it healthier?  Comfort or health?  Do we have to choose?

As you will see in this video, I have two comfort foods, chocolate and oranges.  By the way, no, I don’t eat them together because when I was a kid, that was the diet they gave to drug addicts to clean them up.

Going back to the video, we can talk about making your comfort food healthier.  However, I ask you, do you have to choose?  Leave your comments below.


Health and YouTube Challenge

Apparently I am a sucker for punishment because in between taking care of my mother and working on getting some projects and other sources of income, I have decided to give myself a health challenge and a YouTube Challenge.  What is going on?  Read on.

I was trying to get my mother in the tub to assist her in bathing and not only did she only get water in her face, I ended up with a sore back.  My tailbone is killing me and I realize it is because I am so out of shape.  For the last couple of years, I have concentrated on everyone’s health and happiness.  Then last year, I decided to take advantage of the gym in my apartment complex.  Just when I was starting to get used to going at least three times a week, I got the call from Puerto Rico.  I dropped everything and flew down just to find out my dad was in the hospital in really bad shape.  I did not exercise after that (except for a couple of bad attempts I really did not put much effort into).  I sweat off 15 pounds and with my fabulous adrenaline and ice cream diet, gained 20 more for a whooping 235 pounds.  I am not healthy and I am not happy, like I mentioned on another blog post.  So now what?

I started walking.  Yesterday I went around the block once.  Today, I was able to go around the block three times.  Then we loosely measured the distance with the car and it turns out that it is 0.1 of a mile.  I need to go around ten times to walk one mile.  My goal for the month of March is to walk around ten times.  Let us see how that goes.

Not happy with what seems like a big enough challenge, I decided to take back a challenge I wanted to do last year.  I started out a 100 day challenge and everything was going well until my dad took a turn for the worse and I abandoned the goal.  So, as you can see, I created a video and I started the challenge yesterday.

So what challenges have you decided to tackle this week?  Leave your comment below the video.  Thanks.


Day 221: The First Day

(The next issue of my Almost 50 Take on will return next week)

It turns out that I have a goal of getting as healthy as possible.  Starting the process has been a lot harder than expected.  And then, as it usually happens, you get invited to a big event and nothing works like motivation like an event.  So now, today is the first day.  I have exactly 15 weeks to get in the best shape possible.

Here are some rules:

1)  Substitute soda with green juice

2)  Workout between 30 minutes and two hours a day

3)  Create a program to follow that changes every five weeks.

4)  Add a salad to the daily meals

5)  Sleep seven hours a day

6)  Drink 3 litters of water daily.

These are the starter rules.  As I start working the plan, I will clue you in into other rules.

What are you doing to get in the best shape and health possible?

Leave your suggestions below.