Day 15: The List

I have a lot of friends that feel a certain kind of way about direct marketing, or direct sales.  I have a story for you and this entire post was inspired because I was asked to write a list.

Here’s the thing.  The majority of the people I have on my Facebook account I’ve known since I was a teenager.  Even the people I don’t know personally have been on my list for a long time.  As of today, I have 450 friends.  Ten were added in the last few months and all ten of those I met before I added them.

I believe in supporting all my friends.  That means that when I need a doctor, a lawyer, an architect, anything, I go to my friends first.  I believe if they are good people, there is no reason why I can’t shop from them first.  I also refer people to them because I trust their work.

As of right now, my job is to be a caretaker.  That job does not make ends meet.  The easiest way for me to bend a job to my hours is to start something on my own.  Even though I finally incorporated my business with the help of Legal Zoom, I also started a Jamberry business.

In a world where word of mouth is the easiest, cheapest way to get business, I still have a hard time asking my friends for support.  Today, I was given an assignment to make a list of people I know to host a party.  I could not think of anyone even though I have 450 people listed on my Facebook feed.  What?  That is when I got angry at myself.  And I decided to call bullshit!  Yes, I said it.  I did use a curse word on my own blog even though it goes against my own rules.  Here I go again.  I call bullshit!!!  I’m an honest, decent, hard working person and I deserve the same kindness that I give to all my friends.  Every time one of you opens a page, a business, or a group, I am the first one to sign up and invite my friends.  Every trip I make to Puerto Rico I make sure that one of you gets my business.  When I find out my friends are traveling and need anything, I know exactly where to send them and you all never disappoint.  There is no shame in cross promoting and supporting each other as businesses and friends.  Why should I feel ashamed for my efforts now?

I just noticed how many women run successful Jam businesses and started asking myself the hard questions.  What do they have that I don’t?  Many of the women who are really doing well are shy and unassuming.  I am not.  Some of them live in rural areas.  I do not.  There are some that live in different countries.  I live in USA.  The only difference between those women and me is that they are not afraid to ask their friends and family for their support in this endeavor.

Then I started thinking.  It does not embarrass me to support my friends.  It has never embarrassed them to ask for us to shop at their stores.  I do sell a product but even if it was a service, I would hope that my friends know I would not be working some kind of scam.  So why should I be ashamed that my game involves direct sales?

I am proud of the company I joined and the product we offer.  And you know what?  I do have bills to pay and dreams to achieve.  So this is really very simple.  I know not everybody likes to do their nails.  I also know that not everyone has the money to spare.  I am going to ask you and everyone we know to show some love and support for us at this time.  If you can’t shop for us now, at least share our posts with all your friends so they can shop from us.  And if you are that low on cash, maybe you should consider joining us and making some money on the side.  All I ask is that you show me the same consideration that I show you and honestly support our efforts.

I believe in you and your dreams.  Now it is your turn to believe in mine.

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Day 63: Resource for You

As you know, I’ve dedicated Tuesdays as a day to share some resources.  Today I decided to talk about Jennifer Fong and her website.  This is my resource for you.

I met Jennifer online.  She is a perfect example of a person that you can meet online and become a valuable resource.  Jennifer speaks to those of us who work in direct sales and use social media.  Although I have not done direct sales in a long time, I have always believed that some of the experts in this field share a lot of great advice that you can translate to any type of business you are starting from home, whether it is direct marketing or not.  More importantly, Jennifer can help you navigate the social media seas with great advice, and it is free.

What I like most about Jennifer is that if you are lucky enough to have her on your Facebook account, she is not spammy or selling to you all the time.  She will mention her blog posts and share resources from all over the web.  I think the best lesson to learn here is that you need to build your audience slowly and get them to like you and trust you before you sell to them.

There are many resources out there for you if you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur.  I do believe that you will get some great things from Jennifer when you go to her site.  As usual, this is me sharing resources, I do not have any type of fee for letting you know about Jennifer.  Some people think that I am leaving money on the table for doing that.  I believe that it is important to share what you know instead of just sharing things when you are getting paid to do so.

If you know of any other resources for budding entrepreneurs, please share them on the comments section below.