This weekend I saw a little drama unfold that told the story of how we view competition in this country.  A company made an Instagram post where they were obviously poking fun (and not in a good way) at another company in their same market.

Here’s the thing:  there are two ways to look at competition.  You can get to the top by being cooperative, complementary and an all around good person.  Or, you can be a ball busting, irresponsible, win at all cost (even if that means cheating) person who is disliked by many.

I always use the example of real estate agents I knew a while back.  These two were competing in the same territory.  They could have used ugly tactics to beat each other.  Instead, they worked together. When one went on vacation, the other  would keep an eye on the properties and if a deal was made, they held it until the vacation was over so that the rightful agent would get their commission.  They did not even belong to the same agency.  One of them was completely independent and the other one was not.  The thing is, they had each other’s back and they never stole the other’s clients.  Their clients were loyal because they saw how they behaved and they both flourished and made lots of money.

Now let me give you an example of the other kind.  I used to work for a company that made window coverings and they had one “client” who was famous for opening a shop, selling a lower grade imitation of the product and when they started getting complaints, they would close the shop.  Months later they would open another shop.  The entire time, these people would bad mouth the company I worked for and when they company was no longer number one, tried to take it down.  Their product was always inferior quality and their customers would always come back to us to solve their problems.  Who is the real winner in that situation?

Below, I give you a little insight on what I think about this but I want to hear yours.  How do you see competition?  Do you know who your competition is and how they play the game?  Leave your comments below and thanks for watching, and reading.


I posted a video on consistency today, which I am reposting below.  The funny thing is I said that I would be talking about what I’ve learned about consistency and I don’t think I did.

Interestingly enough, this week I have posted content every day, everywhere.  It is time-consuming, challenging and a lot of fun.  I guess the biggest lesson I have learned with consistency is humility.  You see, I am not necessarily looking at how many people are reading or watching.  What I am hoping is that someone who needs the information I provide will find it on my video or my blog.  That is a big mental shift and that is the biggest lesson about all this.

I have not been consistent in the past because I was not taking my dreams seriously.  I had a job that paid the bills and I was happy with that.  I now want to pay the bills with my own creations, whether it is a book I write or merchandise I sell as an independent consultant.   I want to leave the world a little better than I found it.

I hope you enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Learning Twitter

I am watching a great training on how to use Twitter to grow your YouTube channel from Think Media TV when it occurs to me that, in general, I am using Twitter incorrectly.

Now, I have heard this said many times before.  Twitter is about conversations, not just to push content.  Since I wanted to add tweets, all I did was repost stuff from other media.  It is time I learn to use this thing.  So, I ask the great Google how do I find popular hashtags.  This is the main answer it gave me:

How to find hashtags?
  1. Find out what influencers are using.
  2. Find trending hashtags in your niche.
  3. Find relevant cross-platform hashtags.
  4. Drill down to find more specific hashtags.
  5. Use Twitter’s tailored trends.
  6. Use to find trending hashtags and more.
  7. The low-tech option: brainstorming.

Apparently, the great Kim Garst was the person I need to thank for this answer (she does have great content).  Then, I read it again and noticed number 6.  It is time to do more research.  I accessed and discovered that I don’t think half of the current trending hashtags are actual words that apply to me.

These were the hashtags trending up at the time I did this research:

#endyemensiege, #mustblow, #coloradomusic, #despacitoremix50m, #83ulkeala2istiyor, #dadvader, #mustblowparty, #feuillederoutefi, #coalition, #oxfam, #surprisingmenuitems, #ramaphosa, #climbon, #heinekenzatweeta, #betoftheday, #fsrsport, #soundslikeyou, #catia, #expochat, #mercurial, #shoe, #lustforlife, #waybackwednesday, #pt, #hardknocks

I think I can relate to two.  So off I go to start a conversation, or two.  I will keep you posted on my progress of learning Twitter.  How do you use Twitter?  Leave me your comments below.  For those of you interested, I left the Think Media TV video below.  The guy is very good at explaining things thoroughly.  Enjoy.