Starting A Day in the Life


Aviddiva looking at the horizon
I am looking for new sources of inspiration

Since the year started, I had a job I was not happy with, I proved that I was a great salesman, I quit my job for something “better”, I found out that “better” was actually a fraud with an F rating on the Better Business Bureau, had $5 to my name and then one day a friend saved me and asked me to apply for a full-time job.

My first thought was “Are you crazy?  I want to build my own business and make my own hours”.  I also wanted to eat.  And so, for the third time I applied to a company that I saw as the ultimate symbol of corporate America and everything I did not want to go back to.

SURPRISE!!!  Less than 20 minutes after finishing my application I got a call to interview for a position.  And about four weeks later, I was working in what, so far has been the best place I have ever worked for.  And so I started thinking, why is that everybody talks about how we all should start our own thing and forget trading dollars for hours?  Why is it so bad that some of us are perfectly happy working for somebody else and living by a set of rules that we may or may not have power to influence?  I gotta tell you, I am perfectly happy letting somebody else design my job responsibilities.  I show up, I give 110% and because I was able to PICK my hours, I work four days a week and I have three days off to devote to my passions:  writing and drawing.

I also have time to create what I want to help other women get to be as happy as I am.  If you are one of those women that believes that there is greatness in having a job, you are in the right place.  If you think that letting someone else make the rules and you work hard to get what you want, stay here.  If you believe that wealth comes from what you do with what you have and from sharing what you’ve learned, tell me more.

I am going to be your tour guide trough this wonderful time.  Some call it mid-life, I call it best life.  This is the time when we know that we are much better than what we thought we were, when we begin to understand ourselves and when we stop letting others influence us and come up with our own rules.

WELCOME.  And may you have as much fun commenting or even contributing, as I am having now, in a job I love, with a roof over my head, a cute car and the strength of the last 45 years.