Clearing up Your Space

When I say Spring Cleaning, what do you think about?  Do you think about cleaning the closets and giving your old clothes to charity?  Do you think about getting rid of the clutter in the home?  How do you clear up your space?

Let me be frank, I do cleaning whenever I feel my apartment is cramped.  It all stems from moving to Florida three years ago and leaving all my possessions back home.  I don’t know what it was about moving here with a suitcase and a couple of thousand dollars.  We did not have a lot of things, and I felt really free.

Now, I actually have furniture and ever so often I feel cramped.  And I start cleaning up.  And for the coming Fall, I extend my clearing madness to the internet.  Now I don’t care if you are an entrepreneur, a writer or a social media butterfly.  We all need to clear up the space every once in a while.  In my case, this is the year that I clear up all the social media insanity.  If I want negative energy, there are other ways to get it, like TV.  I want my friends to be positive, insightful and creative.  So I started eliminating any source of negative energy I had on my Facebook account and the results are wonderful.

So how do you clear up your space?  Share with me your tips.  I’m always looking forward to new ideas.  Leave them on the comment section below.

this is the before
This is how it used to look, just to give you an idea of what I consider clutter. Do you agree?

Topic of Conversation

Interesting thing conversations, they change as we age.

Today in Day in the Life, I want to have a conversation about, you guessed it, conversations.  As we age, they seem to change.  When we are in our twenties, we talk about the cute guy/gal across the street, fashion sense, studies.  In our thirties it is all about the corporate ladder and the children.  Then we cross to forties and fifties and we start talking about aches and pains.

Apparently my favorite expression now is “I’m too young to feel this old” and it is hitting a nerve.  Many of us feel young at this age and yet, we certainly feel we can relate to our parents when they were our age and complained or walked slower because of a back or leg spasm and other symptoms.

In the last few weeks, I’ve had conversations with three or four friends, close in age.  We have all talked about living or coping with constant pain.  It is as if we are taking for granted that we are supposed to live this way.

I refuse to believe this is the case.  Part of the reason why I am changing my diet and exercise habits is because I truly believe we should be healthy and pain-free well into our golden years.  Do you agree?

I want to know what you think?  Are we taking our health for granted?  Are we giving up to feeling old with each passing year?  I can’t wait to see what you think.  Make sure to leave your comments in the section below.

This is how I see age
This image of a sculpture evokes the feeling of “weight on your shoulders” that is age.

On Cheaters, Murderers, Religious Zealots and Opportunists

The last couple of weeks have certainly brought into perspective why I stay away from most media.  We’ve heard of:

– a young actress who’s lack of judgement is displayed in a public apology,
– a sick man who shoots people for no reason,
– a fried chicken pusher who hides behind his love of God to condemn those he does not agree with,
– and a fool who figures he will make a couple of bucks because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, of his own free will.

Maybe with age, I have come to understand some things about life.  Maybe I am just not interested in all the whinning the media seems to offer.  I can tell you a few things:
– Celebrities should learn to clean their dirty deeds in private.
– We must pray for the victims of a tragedy.  I do believe we should also pray for the guilty.  I don’t know how you feel, I believe that any time a person uses a weapon to hurt another (unless in self defense) there is something seriously wrong with that person.
– I believe that the business owner has every right to believe what they want.  And I have the right to agree or disagree with my shopping dollars.  I also believe that fast food, fried chicken is not good for your health anyway.  I personally don’t like chicken, so the effect on me is very limited.  I did find their soup tasty.  I am going to miss it.
– Last but not least, after confirming that the fool with the lawsuit was also the first witness interviewed that I saw, I can honestly say that I found that interview strange.  He was very concerned that people knew that he crawled on the floor and had the scars to prove it.  In the beginning I thought he was saying it out of guilt for leaving his friend behind.  Now, I have to wonder.

So I have decided to go back to not paying attention to the news again.  I live happier when I don’t know.  And if it is something really big, I am sure my friends will tell me about it.  You should keep informed, not inundated, with what is going on around you.

I choose to start my day with a little video that I found, and that I hope will bring you something positive to think about: