Pain and Age

My sister and I as teenagers
I love this picture, it is the way I still see my sister and me.

I have been walking towards a journey that will get its first writing today.  You see, I turn 46 in November and I am tired of waiting for “later” to attempt those things I have always wanted to do.  Now well into my 40s, my only concern is pain and age.

The inspiration for this journey comes from someone I love very much.  We’ve had this particular conversation several times now.  It feels like every time we talk we either start talking about pain or end the conversation talking about pain.  She is only 3 years older than me and she is telling me that she LIVES with some sort of ache every day.  Every day!  She seems to think this is normal.

A little background:  I have always been “bigger” than her, not in height, although I am one inch taller than her.  I mean in size.  I always had more fat, she was always the skinnier one of the two.  She was also more active because she likes to dance salsa and she has three kids.  Her kids like real football, known to most of you as soccer, and so she can pass the ball and kick it too.  And yes, every time she tells me she lives with pain, it makes me cry.  You see,  this person is my sister, and I don’t want her to feel that way.  Even though I am younger, I have always felt like the protector, probably because I looked like the linebacker to her being the quarterback.

So she inspired this journey.  I am hoping to find out if we have to live with aches and pain as we get older.  I want to know if this is reversible and if there is something our kids can do now to avoid this later.  And yes, I am hoping to loose some weight, not because I want to look like a supermodel.  I want to look healthy.  Is that too much to ask?

Now I will be opening this for comments and I will appreciate it if you offer legitimate suggestions.  Any product promos will be removed immediately.  If you want to talk about the virtues of apples or garlic or anything NATURAL, go right ahead.  I am not interested in surgeries or artificial ways to get healthy or any products.  Share your thoughts below.

Woman of a Certain Age

You know you are a woman of a certain age when you hear Phil Collins belting “I don’t care anymore” and it takes you back to your teenage years and how you played that song over and over again, specially when your boyfriend dumped you or you were bullied all day.

Funny thing about being a woman of a certain age.  You forget how much some things hurt or how they really make you feel.  Let me give you an example.  For the first 20 years of my life, I was no bigger than 120 pounds.  When I got married I was 122.  The next 25 years have seen anything from 122 to 215 and everything in between.  Yet lately, I don’t like how I look in pictures.  I managed to drop from 215 to 181.  I should be celebrating.  Instead, I hate how I look in pictures.

Then this morning it hit me.  Even at 120, I never liked to see myself in pictures.  It is not about the weight, it is about the fact that I don’t look like a supermodel.  I don’t have Griek Goddess Features, high cheekbones, perfectly blue eyes.  I look like any other normal person.  Ironically, the minute I remembered I’ve never liked any picture of me, I started liking them a little more.

Why am I telling you this?  Because if you are a woman of a certain age, certain memories don’t hurt as much anymore.  We tend to forget how much it hurt when that cute boy did not feel the same way about us than we did about him.  We glossed over that bad grade in school or the heartache of the first bully.  And then we can’t relate when our kids go through the same thing.

I am not asking you to live in the past.  I am telling you to spend a few minutes with your younger self in order to understand what your kid really feels like.  It is not the end of the world, true.  At that age, it does feel like it.  You should be able to honor that feeling while letting them know that there will come a time when they wont even remember.

See? I am not a supermodel. So what?

Clearing up Your Space

When I say Spring Cleaning, what do you think about?  Do you think about cleaning the closets and giving your old clothes to charity?  Do you think about getting rid of the clutter in the home?  How do you clear up your space?

Let me be frank, I do cleaning whenever I feel my apartment is cramped.  It all stems from moving to Florida three years ago and leaving all my possessions back home.  I don’t know what it was about moving here with a suitcase and a couple of thousand dollars.  We did not have a lot of things, and I felt really free.

Now, I actually have furniture and ever so often I feel cramped.  And I start cleaning up.  And for the coming Fall, I extend my clearing madness to the internet.  Now I don’t care if you are an entrepreneur, a writer or a social media butterfly.  We all need to clear up the space every once in a while.  In my case, this is the year that I clear up all the social media insanity.  If I want negative energy, there are other ways to get it, like TV.  I want my friends to be positive, insightful and creative.  So I started eliminating any source of negative energy I had on my Facebook account and the results are wonderful.

So how do you clear up your space?  Share with me your tips.  I’m always looking forward to new ideas.  Leave them on the comment section below.

this is the before
This is how it used to look, just to give you an idea of what I consider clutter. Do you agree?