OpEd Monday: Daylight Savings Time

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Every once in a while, I go through my day wondering, why is X thing still a thing?  And today, we are going to discuss two interesting things about Daylight Savings Time.


  1.  Why is this still a thing?  Modern civilization does not require us to change time.  So exactly why do we still do it?  This whole  idea that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it stinks.  The reality is that changing the time twice a year, once forward and once backward does not serve any purpose.  It is a false sense of losing an hour to gain an hour later during the year.  I understand the original purpose.  I don’t think we need it.  If anything, it makes it harder to drive in the morning during this time of the year because the sun is now in my eyes at a point where I can’t get the sun visor to help me.  This is just unnecessary.
  2. Why is it that doctors keep looking for excuses to add medications to our routines?  For the last few years I’ve been hearing more and more how daylight savings time increases blood pressure, heart attacks and all other forms of diseases.  And nobody disagrees with them.  I want one reporter, just one, to say “oh so when we end daylight savings time, that week there is a drop on heart attacks and blood pressure because people get an extra hour?”  Where is the common sense?  Seriously?  I know that at a point in time Mondays were responsible for a great amount of heart attacks because the work week started Monday.  That is not necessarily true anymore.  People have so many different schedules nowadays.  So I guess now the best way to keep adding to our load is blaming a missing hour for our suffering.  How about telling people to exercise, eat right and work on something that they truly like?  I guess there is no money in that.

In conclusion, I have several friends that asked on social media yesterday why is this still a thing.  I don’t know.  I wish it would go away.  Then again, we can always move to countries that don’t do it…or to Arizona.

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