OpEd Monday – Choice

I was raised Catholic.  I went to church on Sundays and Catholic school every day.  We were taught religion along with history, math and science.  In our world, religion and science went hand in hand.  We all understood that God made the world in seven days, which was a metaphor for all the millions of years it took for the planet to take shape.  We were also told that God gave us the ability to choose.  We had the choice to decide if we wanted to be good, bad or stay in the middle.

To me, the choice God gave me also applies to what I chose to believe and not, how I honor God, what I call this entity and whether or not I consider it a female.  This is not a gift just to me.  This ability is given to every soul on Earth.

There are many religions in the world and when you actually sit down and look at all their teachings, they are pretty similar.  Many of them have rules or commandments that we must follow.  They all have leaders and a special being that has the capacity to end it all.

When I was a little girl, I feared this being and I called it a Him.  Now that I am older I understand that if we are all supposed to be one, we are all part of this magnificent entity and part of our choice is to decide if we want to be separate or together.  How do I know?  Because when you read the Bible as a Catholic child, you are taught that you are the daughter of God and that there are three beings that are one and the same: the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.  And if we are all imbued with the Holy Ghost, that makes us part of the Being.  I think it is really that simple.

Now why do some religions make you think that you are separate from Him and that you do not have any power?  I don’t know.  I don’t follow those religions.  I do understand that many times people think that organized religion was created to keep us from asking too many questions.  That may or may not be true.  I don’t care one way or the other.

All I know is that sometimes Atheists say that we should all be hospitalized because only mentally ill people believe in a being that is not there.  When I see what some people do in the name of God, I understand where they are coming from.  What I ask of them is that they respect my right to believe in what I want why they believe what they want.  That way we can all be happy.

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