Metamorphosis – 6th Day

On this, the sixth day of Metamorphosis, I want to talk about something that I noticed yesterday.  More than ever, I saw a lot of people posting certain messages on social media.  The message on these posts were about how sad this time of the year is for some people and to please have a heart and be supportive of them.

It is very hard to go through the holidays once a loved one passes away.  We all know this.  The first year is usually the hardest.  There are some people who stay there and don’t move on and for those people, I want to ask a question.

What do you think your loved one would tell you if they saw you getting sad for them?  Would they be angry?  Would they feel sorry for you?  Would they tell you to go on living?  This is a tough question to answer because I am sure that you don’t want to hear the answer.

I believe that our loved ones want us to live life to the fullest.  In my opinion, you honor your loved ones by enjoying life and the holidays.  I am not saying that you should forget your loved ones or ignore your own pain.  What I am saying is that you need to smile through your tears and figure out what you have to do to keep living.  Do you have to see a therapist to treat your depression?  Do you think that you need to work out to wake up those endorphins?  Is it time to let go?

Don’t you think that people who die would do anything to be here with you?  Do you really think they want to be the source of your unhappiness?

Honor your loved ones by living fully.  Here is a short reminder.

If you have any suggestions for others on what worked for you, leave those in the comments below.  Thanks.


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