Learning Twitter

I am watching a great training on how to use Twitter to grow your YouTube channel from Think Media TV when it occurs to me that, in general, I am using Twitter incorrectly.

Now, I have heard this said many times before.  Twitter is about conversations, not just to push content.  Since I wanted to add tweets, all I did was repost stuff from other media.  It is time I learn to use this thing.  So, I ask the great Google how do I find popular hashtags.  This is the main answer it gave me:

How to find hashtags?
  1. Find out what influencers are using.
  2. Find trending hashtags in your niche.
  3. Find relevant cross-platform hashtags.
  4. Drill down to find more specific hashtags.
  5. Use Twitter’s tailored trends.
  6. Use Hashtags.org to find trending hashtags and more.
  7. The low-tech option: brainstorming.

Apparently, the great Kim Garst was the person I need to thank for this answer (she does have great content).  Then, I read it again and noticed number 6.  It is time to do more research.  I accessed hashtag.org and discovered that I don’t think half of the current trending hashtags are actual words that apply to me.

These were the hashtags trending up at the time I did this research:

#endyemensiege, #mustblow, #coloradomusic, #despacitoremix50m, #83ulkeala2istiyor, #dadvader, #mustblowparty, #feuillederoutefi, #coalition, #oxfam, #surprisingmenuitems, #ramaphosa, #climbon, #heinekenzatweeta, #betoftheday, #fsrsport, #soundslikeyou, #catia, #expochat, #mercurial, #shoe, #lustforlife, #waybackwednesday, #pt, #hardknocks

I think I can relate to two.  So off I go to start a conversation, or two.  I will keep you posted on my progress of learning Twitter.  How do you use Twitter?  Leave me your comments below.  For those of you interested, I left the Think Media TV video below.  The guy is very good at explaining things thoroughly.  Enjoy.


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