Entrepreneurial Mindset

On today’s video, I make reference to a two year old magazine article that I consider timeless.  What it takes to be an entrepreneur, at it’s core, is a set of skills and traits that will not change much over time.  This particular list of 12 signs that you have what it takes from Startups magazine hit it pretty well.

I’m only going to touch on five and I hope that you check the article out to see if you possess any of these.

  1.  You are scared – much as I admitted on the video below, I was terrified, I am still.  You don’t want to fail, or go bankrupt.  You know most of your friends will stop talking to you, the money will be scarce, you are not going to be an overnight success and yet, you still want to do it. You are on the right track.
  2. ) You don’t ask for permission: like the saying goes, you ask for forgiveness.  I am guilty of this.  It has to do with reacting quickly to what happens.
  3. You are fearless – how can you be scared and fearless at the same time? Optimism.  I am the eternal optimist.  As the bill collectors start calling and the phone dies and you sell everything you own, hold on to that little part of you that knows that everything is going to work out.
  4. You consider yourself an outsider:  I was a tomboy, a nerd, biracial (yes, there is such a thing in Puerto Rico).  Now that I live in Florida I am not from here, I am Hispanic, Plus sized and a woman.  So many labels just to say that I am different.  Am I really?  Does it matter?  No, use it as motivation.
  5. You recover quickly – the last three years have been crazy. I keep getting up even though sometimes faith escapes me.  My answer to that is, what else can I do?  Might as well get back up and do what I can.

There you have it.  And now for the video.  What do you think your signs, skills or talents are that make you entrepreneurial?  Leave your comment below and thanks for watching.




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