Socioeconomic status and paradigms

Fascinating phenomenon:  I love studying people and watching people.  Facebook is great for that.  You get to see the paradigms that determine your place in the world, and sometimes you can break them, or reinforce them.  In my country there was a debate brewing over an election and my personal friends are divided right down the middle:  those who were born at a certain economical level are saying YES and those who have money now and had to bust their butts to get it are saying NO, without fail.  Coincidence?  Oh, for my American friends, the argument is that the YES benefits those with money and the NO is for those who have no economic mean$$$ to defend themselves. And yes, both sides used social media to influence their consituents.  The Yes side had a lot of money and the other side had more media influence.  Commercials on TV might be great, they are just not as effective as a good set of viral videos on Youtube.  At the end, the poor won and the country was no better.

Reality is that the reason for the debate does not matter, which is why I am not telling you what they were voting on.  It is always the same, the rich want one thing, and the poor and those that defend the poor, want another.  I do believe there is no greater divide in the planet than your place in the world.  If you have the means and the way, you look at the world very different.  Inside the rich, there are also two big groups:  those who think that good deeds include making the goverment give help to the poor, and those who believe that charity alone should help the poor, and they give considerably.  I personally believe that the best solution lies somewhere in the middle.

So who thinks that your socioeconomic status determines your point of view?  And who thinks this is yet another paradigm that should be broken?

Clearing up Your Space

When I say Spring Cleaning, what do you think about?  Do you think about cleaning the closets and giving your old clothes to charity?  Do you think about getting rid of the clutter in the home?  How do you clear up your space?

Let me be frank, I do cleaning whenever I feel my apartment is cramped.  It all stems from moving to Florida three years ago and leaving all my possessions back home.  I don’t know what it was about moving here with a suitcase and a couple of thousand dollars.  We did not have a lot of things, and I felt really free.

Now, I actually have furniture and ever so often I feel cramped.  And I start cleaning up.  And for the coming Fall, I extend my clearing madness to the internet.  Now I don’t care if you are an entrepreneur, a writer or a social media butterfly.  We all need to clear up the space every once in a while.  In my case, this is the year that I clear up all the social media insanity.  If I want negative energy, there are other ways to get it, like TV.  I want my friends to be positive, insightful and creative.  So I started eliminating any source of negative energy I had on my Facebook account and the results are wonderful.

So how do you clear up your space?  Share with me your tips.  I’m always looking forward to new ideas.  Leave them on the comment section below.

this is the before
This is how it used to look, just to give you an idea of what I consider clutter. Do you agree?