Absolute Fear of Middle Age

I personally think one of the topics that is least discussed when starting a new business, is the issue of fear. More importantly, we rarely hear about the absolute fear of middle age start ups.

I understand. I doubt there is a lot of statistics on starting a business in your 50s. A quick search in Google encountered no articles about the fear but plenty of articles suggesting the same thing I have said on previous blog posts.  Most people who find themselves unemployed at 50 find it easier to start their own business than to find an actual job.

However, I have made a promise to tell you everything that is going on, I have to admit that I am terrified. I am a 50 year old woman starting a business and although I love what I am starting to do, I can’t help but feel that I am doing everything wrong.

It will take a while for me to figure it all out. I am in no hurry. I have a stomach that is both terrified and exhilarated and hopefully, this is just the beginning. I will keep you informed of when this goes away and how I made that happen. I will definitely keep you posted.

January 2017 is All About Possibilities

Welcome to 2017. January 2017 is all about possibilities. What does it mean to you?

To us, it means looking for other options for treatment and cures for diseases. It means looking for other ways to support all caregivers in their journeys. It means bringing you information to keep you motivated, alert, alive, healthy and to keep you current on what to expect for the new year.

This blog is not interested in politics. However, if a politician finally helps us with any legislation that will make the life of our loved ones better, I will be sure to talk about it. If we need to start or help a petition that might make our struggle less severe, that is where our efforts will be.

So, let’s recap the first two days of the year. We discovered that certain medical, physical conditions, have an impact on my loved one’s mood. There is a possibility that medication will improve that situation. We will keep you posted.

In the last 36 hours, my aunt passed away from complications of lupus (and possible signs of AD), the year started and we started working out. We consoled several friends that have seen their loved ones move on. We offered support to those that are experiencing changes in LO (loved ones) behaviors. We also started including work out in our daily schedule in the hopes that we keep them going. We have decided to take on a new philosophy about life and death: they are just two sides of the same coin and we need to be selfless and let our loved ones transition however and whenever they see fit.

2017 is all about possibility. Do not let the true negative people affect your well-being. What do I mean by that? Not all complaining is negative. If your LO is in a facility and you complain about a CNA, that is not negative. It is a necessary part of the process. If you are at work and see something wrong and know some options on how to fix it, complaining, done the right way, is not only positive, it could be a game changer. People that don’t want to listen to complaints? Those are the negative people and we don’t have any space for them in our life now.

So what are your possibilities for 2017? I can’t wait to find out. ¬†While I wait, I leave you with a motivational video I found on YouTube to start your new year in the right direction.