Day 72 – Organizing Tip of the Week

Every Wednesday we share what we learn about Organizing.  We decided to make it the organizing tip of the week.  This one is very easy, which means most of us rarely do it.  Before you go to bed, make sure you clear up the mess.

I started organizing the apartment one area at a time.  I cleared the kitchen counters, and my desk.  I figured surfaces were more important than any room for two reasons:

1)  most of my surfaces are in public areas

2)  they are closer to eye level, which makes them more obvious

The strategy was simple.  The more surfaces I clean, the more things I get rid of, the prettier the apartment looks.  Also, when I come home after a long day of work, seeing my living space more organized makes me smile.  As the days go by, we all have a tendency to drop one or two things and if you don’t pick up, it gets messy again.

The cure for this is simple.  The areas that are already organized get a once over before I go to bed.  If there is a dish at the sink, I wash it.  If there is a letter, I check it and dispose of it accordingly. If someone left a book at the table, it goes back to its shelf.  It sounds simple, and it is.  The thing is, we sometimes convince ourselves that we are too tired to move it in this particular instant. The next thing you know, what would take five minutes takes two hours on a weekend because we have so many things out-of-place.

Trust me, try it tonight.  If you don’t have any area organized yet, just take a couple of minutes and take a few things off the table.  The difference will make you breath lighter.

What area of your house can you apply this little trick to?  Leave us a comment below.

Day 57: Organizing Your Mind

Lately, we have seen many organizing experts talk about your internal reasons for being disorganized.  They talk about you studying your attachment to things.  They refer to your unnatural love of things.  They even talk about your hidden pain points.  I think it goes much deeper.  I believe that if you don’t organize your mind, you will not organize your house.

Here’s the news:  the reason why you are disorganized is the same reason why you pick up and then it gets messy two days later.  It has nothing to do with the latest gadget or your fascination with a clean house.  It has everything to do with you and your motives.

I will use myself as a guinea pig.  I love books.  I have books all over my house.  My biggest pain point is my book collection.  I know where my obsession comes from.  As a little girl, I remember the wall of books in my house.  I also know that even though we could take the books out of the shelf, it was not a good idea to keep them off the shelf for long.  And more importantly, we had to make sure they went back to the same spot.  The little rebel in me could not wait to have her own place and just keep books wherever I wanted for as long as I wanted.

Although that explained the books, it did not explain much else.  Why am I the messy one?  I love decorating and yet, I cannot keep a neat house.  I’m not attached to anything other than my books, so what is with this disaster I have in my current apartment?

I need to get to the root of it or else I will keep going from room to room and by the time I clean the living room, the kitchen will be a mess again.  In the next few weeks I will share my insights as I discover why I behave this way.

What about you?  Do you know why you are messy?  Are you a hoarder?  Do you just have one area in your house that is not neat or does your entire house need help?  Leave a comment below.

Share so We can Grow

We don’t sell anything here without letting you know.  We share information, we share resource and we share what we learn as we grow.  So we are asking you today to SHARE SO WE CAN GROW!!!

Here is the thing.  It dawned on me last week that I’ve had this particular blog for four years.  Before this, I had one on a free network for two years.  That means that I have been looking for my own thing for six years and it seems I have not figured it out yet.

The truth is that I know exactly what I stand for:

1)  I believe age does not define us.  It is as important for me to chase my goals at 47 as it was when I was five.

2)  I believe that being a woman is the best thing on Earth.  We are the ones with the privilege of giving birth and having children.  We are the stronger ones.  We have more compassion.  We can do two things at once, our entire existence depends on it.  And we are better looking than most men, LOL

3)  I believe what is known as middle age is not something to be feared, rather it is the best time in life.  It is when you first understand that what people think about you is none of your concern.

4)  I believe that as horrible as my bullying experience was when I was young, for better and worse, it made me who I am.  It did take away that cocky arrogance of youth too early.  It left me raw and scared of doing exactly what I wanted to do.  It made me better equipped to deal with bullying when my own daughter was going through it.  It made me smarter than they were.  It made me better.  In the end, the pluses outweigh the minuses, especially now that I am doing exactly what I want to do.

5)  I absolutely believe that as women, we are given the short end of the stick.  We were brought up by women who believed that we should take care of everyone else first.  And we do what we know.  Now, we are finally understanding that we need to put ourselves first in order to give our best and give it our best shot.

And so it goes, that this blog has gone through many changes, in the process of finding my way.  The five statements made above have always being a part of this process.  They are actually part of my core beliefs.  I need to move to the next level.  And then, last night it happened.

As I was two days from finding out the next step on my journey (I have a major doctor’s appointment tomorrow), I heard two famous people bringing to light a couple of my core beliefs.  Beliefs that I have been working on and sharing for the last six years.  And yet, they get eyeballs and I did not.  At first, I was upset.  It is not the first time that I see my thoughts in someone else’s mouth, somebody more famous, more important.  And I have abandoned my own beliefs because if they are talking about it then why should I.  Only last night, I saw it in a very different light.  Instead of stopping, this time I decided to join in the movement.  Why?  Because the more voices we have on an issue, the better the chances that something will actually change. Also, because we are all important.  Fame and fortune does not make them a somebody and us a nobody.  We are all sharing the same planet, air, water and other resources.  We all bleed, cry, laugh and heal the same.  It is time we all see our own importance.

So where does that leave my blog, my home business and my life?  In yet, another transformation.  AviddivA is what I love to be.  It is my inspiration, my resource for ideas, my life’s work.  And yet, some others are finally putting a famous face on issues that are really important to me.  So I am designing the way the journey will be displayed.  I will divide my blog post in the following order, so that it is easier to follow and so that we can get to work this new year.

1)  Mondays:  Knowledge from the Journey – this is the main tag for the blog posts on Mondays.  It is where I explain what step I am at in my journey and what I am learning from that particular process.

2)  Tuesdays:  Sharing a resource – Any group, any person, any idea that is related to my core believes will be tagged under this title and shared on Tuesdays.  The reason for sharing is the hope that if we can inspire one more person to join the fun, we have done our job.

3)  Wednesdays:  Organization – this will house all the blog post on my organizing projects as well as organizing what will eventually be the new headquarters for the business.  This is where I will tell you the steps we are taking, as well as the challenges.

4)  Thursdays:  Ask a question – If you are a woman over 40 and have some idea that you want to work on and need help figuring it out, this is where we answer it.  It might contain a video that we find on what to do, or some simple instructions, or whatever we can find, ours or some other resources.  We do the research so you can do the fun part and implement that process.

5)  Friday:  Goal day – this is where we share the goal from the Life List that we are working on and what part of the process we are at.

Now as you can see from the title, the only thing we have left is to ask for you to share so we can grow.  Our goal is not quantity.  We are hoping that we have more quality than quantity.  We want this to be shared among the women our age so that we all can contribute and have some fun.  So click the button and hopefully we will have more eyeballs on this blog.