Too Many Ideas

Many people spend their days feeling like they are not creative. Others are paralyzed with too many ideas. Those are the choices. They stop you from moving forward. What do you do? It is time for making some decisions.

This particular situation is happening to me right now. I was given a really clear directive:  “you will concentrate on

  1. the move
  2. your mom
  3. your blog”

I am supposed to concentrate on those three things and nothing more for the next few months. Meanwhile, the creditors are calling, the stuff we are selling online needs promoting and in a nutshell, we need to get more money in. Add to that the saga that has been this last month with hurricanes attacking Florida and Puerto Rico (where we live and our families live, not counting that some just moved to Texas and fortunately did not suffer with their own hurricane). Add the normal duties of a stay at home parent, a puppy parent and just health and personal issues and it begs the question, how can I concentrate?

It is not easy. I told you from the beginning, I was going to be bluntly honest. We’ve talked about fear, we have talked about big dreams. We have not talked about ideas.

There are some ways that the average person deals with ideas. Some write them all down and then pick the one you are going to work on. Others just do whatever comes to mind first. Others are organized so amazingly that they seem to get everything done. But do they really?

What is my system going to be? I am going to take bits and pieces of things I have done before and add to them some new stuff.

Step 1: Sit with an empty paper and write on it every single idea that comes to mind.

Step 2: Pick one idea that is not only important but something that I would love to do.

Step 3: Organize and deploy that first idea.

Step 4: Go back to step 1 or , if you have some really cool ideas on that piece of paper, move to the next item that calls you on the list.

Some decisions are really important. Do I keep doing that side business I’ve all but abandoned. Do I spend what little money I have on the other website. Do I start writing that book I wanted to publish.

This is the face I make when I have to pick one.
Who me? Concentrate?

It is time that I start organizing my efforts and show the world what I can do. Are you ready? Any ideas?  Share them down below.

Overwhelm is a Thing

When I started this journey, I promised I would keep it honest.  I told you I would teach you everything I learned.  I decided I wanted to document this journey as it happened.  Today, I noticed I hit a wall.  It is called overwhelm and overwhelm is a thing.

It starts slowly.  You start doubting one or two decisions you make.  You procrastinate.  Life gets in the way and before you know it, your desk is full of mail, your brain is in a fog and you have not done one income producing activity.

This is where businesses fail.  We are all so excited to break out on our own and get something we can call our own.  We get into the little things, like whether my desk is facing the door or am I getting enough sunlight.  You order your business cards and when you get them you don’t feel as excited about the tagline as you were when you conceived it.

Wake up.  It is not about you.  Ironically, the most self obsessed thing you have ever done (going into business by yourself), if done correctly, is the most giving thing you can ever do.  You went into business to solve a problem for other people, not for yourself.  Stop for a minute, take a breath and figure out where you are.

As always, I will use myself as an example.  I ordered the business cards.  I started a campaign… I ordered a magnet for my car.  I came up with a pretty tagline.  I started a campaign on Fiverrr to get my logo designed.  Then I realized that I am the person who runs all the bills in the house, I am the POA for someone else and I have all these other things that I need to do.  As I am writing this, I have so many things on my desk I am shocked that I can write this without straining my arms too much.  There’s even a bunny from Easter staring at me at this moment, wondering where he went wrong (stuffed toy not breathing real one).

So now what?  There are several things I can tell you to do because it is usually easier to help other people than to figure things out for ourselves.  Instead, I am going to tell you what I am going to do.

I am taking the day off from social media for the most part.  I do have to film a video and I am going to post this blog.  I am also going to post the link on social media.  Once I do that now, I am going to close the door to my office and move to the living room, where I will proceed to get a legal pad and do a massive brain dump.  I plan to write down all the courses I invested in, all the social media platforms, all the topics I want to write about, the essays for the book and the other things I have to take care off this week, whether they are business related or not.

I am going to take my happy planner and organize my week so I can get everything done without killing myself.  Then, I am going to start removing things from my desk and I am going to finish organizing my office.

I know that you are thinking that I am not making any income producing activities and you would be correct.  Here’s the thing.  If I take one day to take care of all of this then I don’t have to spend hours in between and feel like I am not getting anything done.  Besides, chances are that if I finish before gym at 6:30 PM, I might be able to post a couple of items for sale or do a presentation,

How do you deal with overwhelm?  Any suggestions you may have, leave them in the comments section below.

PS. Although it is the same topic, I don’t do a verbatim on the video. You can check it out below.

Day 135: Spring Cleaning My Life

I had an interesting incident recently that inspired me this morning.  I read an article online about spring cleaning your social media.  The gentleman was talking about cleaning your profiles, revamping your descriptions, changing your images and getting rid of those who never comment, never post anything or are always negative.  The idea is that you get rid of the old to make space for the new.

I am adapting this idea to spring cleaning my life.  There are so many projects that are half-baked in my life.  I think making space for that is leaving me no space for the goodies ahead.  So today, I start this process, because the good thing about a resolution is that you can create it and start it whenever you want.

My first order of business is to move away from the victims.  I don’t mean the person that has the occasional break down, we all have those.  I’m talking about the whiners.  Have you ever noticed those in your life?   They are not nice people and they can’t hide it.  Eventually, their mean streak comes out.  They are those people in your life that never have something good to share.  They complain about their lives, they cannot be happy for you and they attack you when you least expect them to.  Delete them.

The second thing is those projects you have around your home and office.  Take a good look at each and every single one of them.  If you think you can get the project going in the next week, keep it.  If you think it would be fun for later, get rid of it.  If you decide to go back to it later, then you will come up with better options then.

The third step is your bills.  Figure out exactly what and who you owe money to.  This is not only your credit cards.  This include any medical bills, house bills, car bills, everything that can be a money drain.  Start from the highest APR or the lowest amount, do what works for you.  Make a list and a plan to pay them off and get going on it.

The last one is going to be you.  This one is the most challenging and fun of all.  What do you like about yourself?  What do you want to keep?  What kind of things do you do that you can either do without or work to improve?  Get to work.

For me, I am starting with the millions of emails and mailing lists I belong to.  I don’t need half of them.  I am deleting those.  Then I will work on some projects and if I cannot move them forward between today and tomorrow, I will get rid of them.

It so happens I already started the list of bills.  I’m only missing the medical bills and I will have a great picture of what to work on.  The last item is what I want to work on myself.  I have this bad habit of not trusting my first instinct.  I don’t believe in first impressions.  I do believe in something that is more of a vibe.  Has this ever happened to you?  You meet a person, you don’t know if you should like them or not.  They do not have your principles or morals.  You decide to give them the benefit of the doubt, even though there is something fishy about them.  They do something to you.  There is your proof.  Then you spend a while trying to figure out why you did not trust your gut from the beginning.

The other thing I need to change is to go back to being fun-loving, care free and not taking life so seriously.  This one is going to take a lot more effort.

So what are you working on to spring clean your life?  Leave a comment below and don’t forget to share.