Metamorphosis – 9th Day

Wow, today is day nine of Metamorphosis.  We are talking mental health today.

I am providing you with 4 simple ideas to feel better and keep your sanity.

1)  Don’t do it all on your own – if you need help, get it.  There are ministers, doctors and friends that will listen to you and help you sort your feelings out.

2)  Stop watching the news 24/7 – especially lately, where we have terrorists acts almost every day.  I just saw in the news that there have been 355 shoot outs this year in the US alone.   That is more than one a day, on average.  Those numbers are scary.

You are going through a process of change.  Whether it is in your career, or at home, or you decided to go back to school, change is already a scary thing.  Don’t add to it by staying glued to the TV for several hours.  If you must be informed, give yourself half an hour, maybe.  Don’t overload yourself with all that negative energy.

3)  Exercise – if you already work out, this message is not for you.  This message is for those of us who have not set foot in a gym in a while.  Start small.  Maybe go for a walk.  Find a couple of friends and walk inside the mall, where the weather is no obstacle.  Go to the park.  Anything to keep your body moving and the blood pumping.  Those endorphins will also lift your spirits a little bit.

4) Think about yourself first – I know how hard it is, but if you don’t take care of yourself, you cannot care for anyone else and nobody is going to do it for you.  Be kind to yourself.

Do you have any other things you do to keep your sanity?  Leave us your suggestions in the comments section below. In the meantime, check out the video on this topic.


Metamorphosis – 8th Day

Today in Metamorphosis, we are talking about goals.  As the family caretaker, I have discovered that step 1 needs to be for me to get as healthy as possible.  Nothing in life will prepare you for the challenge of taking care of ailing family members, not even motherhood.  The difference between those two is that when you are a mother, you are helping another human start their life.  When you are care taker, you have the added pressure of making those you care for healthy, comfortable and happy.  It is a lot.  You do it because you love them and because you believe you are the best person for this particular task.  You will make a lot of mistakes, you will get frustrated at times, you will feel like you are doing it wrong.  That is all OK.  Nobody is perfect and nobody expects you to be.  Take it one day at a time and you will be fine.

In order for me to get healthy, I decided the first thing that needed to go is sugar.  I don’t mind sugar in my fruits or my veggies.  I mean the one in candies and deserts…and soda.  A few weeks back I tried to quit cold turkey and it was a disaster.  After the second day, I was cranky and all I wanted to do was sleep.  I decided to change my approach and give myself the entire month of December to eliminate as much sugar as possible from my days.

Now, this particular goal is about health, not weight.  However, if I end up getting rid of a few pounds in the process, you will not hear me complain.

So what is one thing you can give up this month that is not helping you achieve your goals.  Leave your example in the comments below.  As far as the video is concerned, I am still working on getting a camera with a good microphone.  Don’t be too surprised if you get a couple of more videos like this one.  Have a wonderful day.