I have spent the day mostly in reaction mode online. I have watched idiots talking about how this whole thing was staged because a few of the witnesses are actors (surprise, there is a lot of acting jobs in Orlando). I have seen one side and the other. I will tell you what this feels like to me.
I feel like I am re-living September 12, 2001. I can tell you that before that day, I would wake up every morning, do my hour of power, work out and get ready for work. I would take my daughter to school and then go to work. I lived in Hato Rey, PR and had a fairly good life. The day before, Anna had forgotten something, so as I was getting ready to take her father to work, we had to go back to her school. When I parked the car, the first tower was hit, and then the second. I drove by the “Milla de Oro” hoping not to see a plane take that out too. Then I consoled myself thinking that nobody wanted to kill any Puertorricans. I spent the rest of the day in a trance and by the time I woke up on September 12, most of our friends and family were accounted for. But I could not work out, do my hour of power. I did not have a workout routine again for many years to come. I did not feel like eating much, talking much or doing much. I hated the world because I felt the world hated me.
So now, fast forward 14 years, 9 months and 1 day. I feel the same lack of interest on doing anything. The main difference this time: it was in my town, my friends and family have loved ones that died a couple of days ago and the majority of those deceased were Puertorrican. I guess I was wrong. I feel, once again like the world hates people like me. Only this time it cannot be the same. I just looked at that list once again. The majority of the people that died this weekend are in their 20s. We had 50 killed, 53 injured, 2 dead terrorists. Why do I say two? Because on Friday night some terrorist killed a beautiful, lovely girl in front of plenty of people. Yes, I’m counting her too. If I look at the list, there was a 50 yr old, a 49 yr old and pretty much everyone else was in their 20s and 30s. I do not have the luxury of forgetting my dreams this time around, because these kids will never have a chance to live theirs. The least I can do to honor them, is to live my dreams and live every day as if it was my last because when they left home that night, they thought they were coming back. RIP my beautiful once. #OrlandoStrong

Wow! What a Discovery!

Among the trending topics on Facebook this morning, this headline appears:

Inflammation, not Acid, causes Esophageal condition, study says

Some days I am fascinated by how clueless the medical establishment is. I have been diagnosed with IBS, GERD and Barrett’s esophagus for over two years. A little while back, somebody turned me on to apple cider vinegar. I’m supposed to take a spoonful before every meal. I don’t always do it. The days I do it, I sleep like a baby, I don’t feel that burning sensation crawling up my throat and I have no discomfort.
Another thing that works wonders? Half a lemon squeezed into my 10 ounce glass every morning before I do anything else. Yes, both those things are acidic. Neither of those things causes any acid reflux.
More interesting yet? Notice how these fools comment that the discovery will not change the current treatment. You know what the treatment is? OMEPRAZOLE and all her sisters (any medication that ends in PRAZOLE). You know what those medications also do? They wipe out your vitamin D and vitamin B reserves. That includes messing with your memory. Do you have any idea how it feels that somebody asks you what your birthday is and you can’t tell them because you’ve been taking this stupid medicine for a couple of months? It so happens that 21 is my favorite number. It is also the day of my birth. I could not remember it. The person asking me told me to whip out my driver’s license and read it to them. That is what happens with some of these modern medicines.
I am not against doctors or pharmaceuticals. In fact, I have often advised them that they would make even more money, and kill less people, if instead of managing disease, they would move their business model towards prolonging life. None of us want to get old or feel old. Seems to me, there would be a lot more money in that idea.
All I am saying is that this studies that come out shake people’s faith in science because they don’t take science seriously.  If they don’t take science seriously, why should we?  The human body is an amazing thing.  Stop messing with it.  You want to stop the inflammation?  Eat less sugar and tell me how you feel.  Notice, I did not say stop.  The same goes for red meat, eat a little less of that and see how it feels.  More importantly, make your food instead of buying so much processed foods.  Those three things will help with the inflammation a lot more than any medicine will.  Maybe then, pharmaceuticals can start working on that “making me young forever” medicine I keep telling them about.
What do you think?  Leave your comments below.


Putting My Foot Down, or Both

Putting My Foot Down
Putting My Foot Down

As the days have ticked by on my calendar, I started noticing an interesting thing. I am willing to try new things. If any of those involve anything that I was planning to do with my dad, the plan has gone to shreds. This has to stop. After three years of surgeries, cancer, Alzheimer’s diagnosis and weight gain (for several members of the family) I am exhausted, unemployed and unhappy. It is time for putting my foot down, or both, into a new way of life.

When my father passed away on January 17th, the world kind of stopped. I kept living day to day in a numb state. Our goal was to walk to the grocery store and back. That is a nice three mile walk. My daughter got a punching bag and he was going to teach her how to box. There is a couple of packages of cookies he purchased in his attempt to put weight back on that are still open in the coverts. I just don’t have the heart to throw them out. I packed all of his shoes in a bag to give to charity and never got around to doing that either.

So today, after having a long conversation with my partner in crime, I decided it was time to start. I am severely out of shape and rounding 240 pounds. I am pretty sure that I should never eat meat again unless I prep my stomach better. I need to stop relying on going to the store every day and start cooking at home. When I say I put my feet down, I mean I put my exercise pants on, tennis shoes, and went for a walk. Thinking that I was going to walk about half a mile, we took 35 minutes and when we measured, it turned out we had walked 1.3 miles. Needless to say, I am happy I might not be in as bad a shape as I thought I was.

If you are going through a similar situation, I give you this. Do you really think your loved one wants you to stop living because they are not? No, I don’t think so either. So whatever it is you are not doing because they are gone, put your foot down, or both and start walking. One step at a time. Before you know it, you will get to your destination and they will be thrilled, wherever they are.

So what do you think you want to do for yourself and your health today? Leave us a comment below.